Rosemary flower sweets (Rosemarinusofficinalis).


Leave your tic-tacs in the house. This medicinal plant offers tasty mouth fresheners to integrate into a balanced recovery diet plan. When a herb or plant has the classification 'officinalis' it indicates it has been acknowledged to have medicinal qualities. 'Rosemarinus', so called because of marine connections (colour of sea - grows by sea e.g. Mediterranean) is potentially the best example of a herb that we frequently grow that has comprehensive mythology and lots of associated medical values.


Beloved by the Romans, who purchased it to the UK from Turkey, they believed this valuable herb might preserve dead bodies from corruption and it was frequently strewn or grown in graveyards and around burial places. It was well known to the Tudors as a stimulant to the system. In 'The Garden of Health' (1579) William Langham composes:.

"Carry the flowers about thee to make thee merry and grateful and well beloved of all guys ... hang the flowers on thy bed and location Rosemary in the bath making thee lusty, vibrant, cheerful, strong and young. To comfort the heart steep Rosemary flowers in rose water and drink it".


Gerard concurs in his 1636 Herbal. "The flowers of Rosemary, comprised into lozenges with sugar and consumed make the heart merry, speed up the spirits and make them more vibrant". He also notes that Rosemary water serves as a breath check out more on .


Rosemary has long been acknowledged as a valuable heart and liver restorative and its use can assist to decrease hypertension. It has been used in the treatment of nervous problems, digestion conditions and menstrual discomforts.


Rosemary is a symbol of constancy in love because it remains fresh and great smelling when cut, longer most other evergreens. As in Shakespeare's Hamlet, Rosemary is for remembrance and in the language of flowers the gift of Rosemary implies 'Never will your memory fade'. Rosemary is sometimes used in psychic work as an aid to concentration, memory and mental steadiness.

One word of cautioning though - extreme use of Rosemary taken internally can cause deadly poisoning, but that is no reason to not sample the scrumptious and invigorating natural tea or eat a few of the flowers.

Like the raw flowers, Rosemary sugar sweets are a small taste surge and quite scrumptious. You can either choose the whole flower from the plant, or set up some arrangement that captures them as they fall naturally.


Make sure the receptacle is open enough that moisture can vaporize from the flowers into the sugar and then into the atmosphere. Make sure that no wetness gets to this mixture at any point as the sugar will 'clump' and the flowers will start to rot, spoiling the taste. When thoroughly dry, seal the sugar/flower mixture into a moisture-proof receptacle and from time to time - treat yourself!